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Politics and Cash for Influence BUT is there REAL INFLUENCE?

So, there we have it, Peter Cruddas, a name to conjure with and someone who should stay away from politics, he just hasn’t got the integrity, intelligence or the maturity for public life.

Politics and the question that keeps popping up, how do we fund modern-day politics, not that UK politics is corrupt, far from it but the press and the Labour Party would make the Guardian Angel sound like the GodFather if it sold newspapers and won elections!

They are all on the prowl, the politics hacks of every paper Mail, Sun, Telegraph, Guardian, Express, Mirror, Times, you name them all smell the scent of scandal, and what is it they think they can smell, they think they can smell the scent of scandal over Conservative Party funding and if it is not a scandal they will try their best to make it look like one as they climb out of the gutters they inhabit, the reason, scandal sells newspapers! Further reading

First let us look at Peter Cruddas who was caught in a sting by the Times Newspaper whilst boasting about cash for access and ways of getting around funding from foreign nationals, the foreign nationals bit was bad and should get him expelled from the Conservative Party but even Peter Cruddas did not offer direct access to the Prime Minister or influence over policy, he was just an over promoted idiot trying to make himself sound important but again it raises questions about David Cameron’s judgement in choosing key people.

So what is happening within the Conservative Party and its funding, in reality nothing that is not above-board and everything has been detailed on the Conservative web site for years, put simply at certain levels of donation you get invited to certain functions and yes the government program and policy will probably be discussed but there is nothing wrong with that. I would say that the Conservative Party should increase this activity because in the cocoon of government it is very easy to get a ‘wood for trees’ attitude and these diners are very successful business men who know how to simulate detail, with more of these dinners and discussions we may not have needed so many amendments to the NHS bill!

If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own. Henry Ford.

It is quite right to add any ideas/concerns they have to the discussion documents at cabinet but it is the cabinet which decides policy, not the diners, what is wrong is if donors are donating in order to get a specific policy enacted but that does not happen in this country.

The nearest we have come to it is when the Labour Party enshrined the Human Rights Act into UK law and Cherie Blair set up a practice specifically for Human Rights cases but of course the press don’t mention that, the Labour Party

Peter Cruddas

will try to turn it into a scandal because they have no creditable policies only anti-policy and sleaze which was how they won the 1997 general election, the only policies they had nearly destroyed our country but they managed to make the country believe that the Conservative Party was the nasty party, nothing could have been further from the truth!

What we don’t want is further state funding, David Cameron has put forward a solution to limit donations to

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Rosie Campbell

Nobody donates to a party that they don’t believe in so any financial support is in the hope certain policies will be enacted, nothing wrong with this, it is the act of paying for a particular policy to be enacted which is wrong and the only party involved in this… Read more »

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