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Politics and the arrogance of Tony Blair

In politics every Prime Minister whether he is a man of principle working for the good of his country or an unprincipled politician working to promote his own ends, they are all concerned about how they are perceived when their time is over, they are concerned about their legacy and that is perfectly normal in any walk of life not just politics but of course if you were a complete failure as Prime Minister then this is more difficult – enter Tony Blair!

Tony Blair has promoted his own ends within the world of politics with great success but having left office just in time and under a cloud he is now fighting to repair his legacy working on the principle that the electorate have short memories!


The arrogance of TONY BLAIR

Within politics you must remember that Tony Blair is the arch political operator, Blair sees the Presidency of the European Union as his way back to real power and would see that job as on a par with the President of the United States but he can only get the job if the UK stays in and fully signs up to the European project, if Britain leaves the European Union his one chance for redemption is lost!

So the reason Blair warns David Cameron about creating a 2 speed Europe, or no Europe at all, is purely because he desperately needs the job and in reality, although it may be cynical, the reason Nick Clegg is so pro the European Union (EU) is that it is where his next job will be, if we are out of the EU that job is not available to him.

Within politics you must remember that Tony Blair is the arch political operator, Blair sees the Presidency of the European Union as his way back to real power.

Believe me, as an add-on to this, the main reason Nick Clegg and his Lib Dem’s are so upset about losing the AV and House of Lords projects is because both would have guaranteed permanent power for the Lib Dem’s, nothing to do with democracy.


But in todays politics does the EU need a directly elected president, it is a fact that the only way the EU can survive long-term will be if it fully integrates, both politically and fiscally and becomes a true United States of Europe but if that did happen, because of the beaurocracy and general mess that is European politics, we would inevitably end up with a protectionist organisation with very limited democracy, as we know it, the answer though is yes it will need a Head of State.

We know where the EU is heading and I am so sorry Mr Blair but Britain must not stick around to get sucked in, we need to listen to the voices of our people and get out now while we have a chance and we have to believe that David Cameron is the man to do that.

Remember, your views count, agree or not, air your views by commenting below. 

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