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Politics – I Hate Politically Correct Jobsworths!

If you have been reading this site you will have gathered that, in or out of politics, I literally hate politically correct jobsworths who are normally in non-jobs, contribute nothing and normally only succeed in making life difficult for everyone else!

Politics, Government and future economic growth is being stifled by beaurocracy and politically correct jobsworths skewing policy and implementation of policy in favour of the minority.


Get me out of here!

Political Correctness and Left-Wing Social Engineering.
Heard the one about Brighton Council who are debating whether to remove Mr, Mrs and Miss from their forms because it could upset the transgender community, what a waste of time and public money, the biggest party is the Green Party and hopefully the voters will remember the priorities of the Green Party at the next general election, this is a perfect example of left-wing social engineering.

Data Protection gone MAD!
I visit a hospital everyday it is one of the best Neuro Rehabilitation Hospitals with a very welcoming and homely atmosphere, each patient has their name on the door and while they are there it is home but the other day I noticed all the names had been removed, they are now R6 and R5.

It appears that they had just been subject to an inspection by the Care Quality Commission, the licensing authority and the very same people responsible for the Care Homes where elderly people are being miss treated, perhaps they should focus their efforts in a more sensible direction but I suppose they had to find something wrong, it is just very sad!

If I paid my Council Tax in this way!
Recently I was informed that I had overpaid my Council Tax and was due a rebate, just under £300, when I phoned I was told it would be in my bank by the following Thursday but nothing arrived! On the monday I phoned and was told I shouldn’t have been given a date as though it was agreed it was waiting sign off, it waited for final sign off for 5 weeks, now that could have been a very important amount of money for some people but for anyone to wait 5 weeks while some jobsworth decides to stir is out-of-order.

Politics and government policy
The whole of politics government policy is skewed against the majority, can’t we just accept that, for instance, that whilst all religions may be equal we are a Christian country enshrined in our laws, constitution and history so Christianity must take primacy, we do not have to stop wearing a cross in case we upset other faiths, the Harriet Harperson equality laws must be scrapped as they are a drag on our recovery and please can we stop trying to change history to match our modern-day morals, it is wrong and it doesn’t work, we should rejoice in our history and be very proud of it!

I could can carry on all day with examples like this but my moan is over, I feel so much better for it, please comment with your examples of jobsworths and beaurocracy which have annoyed you, lets start a collection.

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