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Politics of Winning – what Cameron has to do to win a Majority!

Politics is the art of winning, if you can’t win you can’t gain power so there we have it, politics is the art of winning to gain power, some parties play the game within the democratic structure and again other parties will try to tilt the electoral system in their favour to gain a victory so which is the Conservative Party?

What sort of party is the Conservative Party, could it be just too fair and democratic for it’s own good in the politics of the 21st century, does the Conservative Party need to be more ruthless?

One thing that is certain is that in the politics of 2013, in fact ever since 1997 the Conservative Party has lost its winning touch and to win again it must change some basic fundamentals around policy and more importantly around its organisation!

David Cameron
Prime Minister

The Conservative Party used to have a powerful election machine in almost every constituency, I organised and contested elections in a seat with a 15,000 labour majority during the 1970s and we had our own Agent, offices, branches in every ward and a vibrant Young Conservative Organisation but it is obvious from the Eastleigh by-election that the Conservative grass-roots organisation was non-existent, even though we have known there could be a by-election for over a year.

In Eastleigh the Lib Dem’s led the field simply because of their organisation because they have been building it up over the past year just in case, they had the postal votes tied up way before the by-election was even announced, the Conservative Party didn’t even think about starting until the by-election was announced!

So the first job of David Cameron is to sort out the Conservative Party organisation and that should start with his Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps who is really not up to the job, looks like he still belongs in school and carries about as much gravitas as a schoolboy, Cameron could do much worse than to bring back Lord Ashcroft but whatever, he needs someone with standing in the party, an understanding of party/electoral organisation, a connection with the grass-roots Conservative supporters and the ability to rouse the faithful at conferences, he/she also needs a seat at the cabinet table!

David Cameron then needs to allow the constituencies to get on and select the best candidates, subject of course to them being on the approved list, with the ability of the constituencies to fast track a favoured candidate onto the approved list if required, he doesn’t need to dabble with social engineering such as female only shortlists because that is just nonsense! We need to utilise Social Media making sure the Conservative Party is big, very big on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, make sure the Conservative Website is up to the minute and give every constituency it’s very own branded version allowing them to add their own local pages of events, elections and candidate/MP/Young Conservative pages.

Tory Party is run like HMV… and will go the same way, says Conservative MP … – Daily Mail

Daily MailTory Party is run like HMV… and will go the same way, says Conservative MP …Daily MailThe Conservative Party needs to become a genuinely grass-roots organisation once again. It needs to open up its selection process to everyone. It need …



The second task of David Cameron is to re-establish exactly what is Conservative policy and where they fit in the politics of today, reverting largely to and expanding on what was in the 2010 manifesto covering Human Rights, European Union, Immigration, Taxation Policy, cutting the Debt which hasn’t really started yet, we need a shock and awe taxation policy halving Corporation Tax and axing Capital Gains tax, drive a coach and horses through beaurocracy and restrictions on building etc. and if the Lib Dem’s block what he wants to do then Cameron must explain to the electorate that this is what is needed, it is being blocked by their coalition partners but that it will be part of the 2015 Conservative manifesto!

That is exactly what the Lib Dem’s are doing to Cameron, claiming credit for everything that is good and blaming the Conservatives for everything that is unpopular, yes Cameron must put the public right on who has actually initiated policy but in a suckle way so as to avoid being part of the blame game, we must be far more mature than that but Cameron must accept that the last thing the Lib Dem’s want is a successful Conservative government, they are dreaming of a Labour/Lib Dem coalition with a left-wing agenda not seen since the 1970s.

David Cameron could do worse than following the lead of Theresa May who is looking more and more like the new Margaret Thatcher of 21st century politics

Theresa May sets out party vision as Tories falter in poll – CITY A.M.

CITY A.M.Theresa May sets out party vision as Tories falter in pollCITY A.M.The party that takes power from the elites and gives it to the people,” she told a conference organised by the website ConservativeHome on Saturday. She also said a Conservat …



Politics is about winning the argument to win power but unless David Cameron changes and steps up to the plate the politics of the Conservative Party will be the politics of failure and the fault will lie with David Cameron who is seen as a neither here nor there Prime Minister with no real direction, he has time to turn this around but only just!

If David Cameron does not take heed he will commit this country to either a Labour or Labour/Lib Dem administration and quite possibly the creation of a permanent left-wing bias in our electoral system and will in effect have destroyed the Conservative Party and to a large extent the democracy of this country.

This is a serious situation that must be avoided, democratic politics is at risk, the sort of politics which gives the electorate the ability to change an administration is at risk and at this moment only David Cameron can stop it but what are your views, do you agree, comment below and join the debate, if you have enjoyed reading this article then please LIKE us on FACEBOOK

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