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Lib Dem Spring Conference, the arrogance of Clegg!

So Mr Clegg and the Lib Dem’s have all the BIG Ideas, so you say Mr Clegg!

It is another one of those Lib Dem conferences where they claim credit for all the good news and blame their Conservative coalition partners for all the bad news, Nick Clegg even said we the Lib Dem’s have all the big ideas, the reality of course is that they are blocking a lot of the big ideas, during his speech Nick Clegg said that “in a fluid, fast-moving global economic environment, sticking to a plan requires government to be flexible, as well as resolute, nimble, as well as determined”. Mr Clegg looked to distance his party from the Conservatives on issues like taxation, education and the NHS, saying it had “all the biggest ideas” but the big ideas the Lib Dem’s have are ruinous for the country based on unproven green policies which cost each household en excess of £400 per year for no tangible return, high taxation, ever greater integration into the European Union and unfettered immigration, no of these are mainstream or have voter support! 

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Nick Clegg went on to focus on Home Secretary Theresa May’s speech on Saturday, in which she said leaving the European Convention on Human Rights remained “on the table”, telling delegates: “Well, I tell you, it won’t be on the cabinet table so long as I’m sitting round it. Conference, make no mistake, no matter what the issue.” So now Nick Clegg has confirmed just why David Cameron has been unable to  sort out Human Rights, an issue that 5 million people voted for the Conservatives to sort out at the last general election but Clegg and the Lib Dem’s are not interested in democracy or the will of the people, just power!

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Carrying on in the same vein Nick Clegg said “The Conservative party knows it needs to stay on the centre ground to have any chance of speaking to ordinary people’s concerns,” Mr Clegg added. “At least the leadership seem to. But they just can’t manage it, no matter how hard they try. They’re like a kind of broken shopping trolley. Every time you try to push them straight ahead they veer off to the right-hand side. ”  This is really sad because at every Conservative conference they have spoken about their Lib Dem coalition partners with respect, never a criticism but every Lib Dem conference since the coalition was forms has been a nasty attack on their coalition partners, it beggars belief how the Conservative Ministers can work with them.

Back to the idea of the Centre Ground of politics, Clegg and the Lib Dem’s have never seen the true Centre Ground, they have lifted the Centre Ground and transported it over to the far left and work on the Labour Party principle that if you tell the people often enough they will believe that the far left which the Lib Dem’s occupy is really the Centre Ground. The Lib Dem’s have pulled David Cameron and the Conservative Party to the left and David Cameron needs to move sharply to the Right just to get back to the Centre Ground of British politics!

The democracy Nick Clegg and the Lib Dem’s believe in is the democracy of the of the old Soviet Union, in the words of Peter Hitchins of the Mail on Sunday lived for a while in the Soviet Union, an officially equal society. It had exactly the same system we now have – official equality and secret elite privilege. In the end, everyone became so disgusted by this arrangement that they refused to tolerate it any more. Why do we continue to stomach it? Full Article below

Nick Clegg and the Lib Dem’s, Labour as well, believe in equality for everyone below them but they are the ruling elite, there is nothing wrong with sending your children to a better or private school if you can afford it but these people try to wrap it up in pure hypocrisy because equality is for the people below them, just don’t let the people find out!

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