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Politics, Perception, the size of the Lie, Beware of the 1997 Dragon!

Politics can be a ruthless game and the battleground for the next general election in 2015 is already being set, David Cameron BEWARE!

Politics is ruthless, as is any power game but the Conservative Party is not very good at the cut and thrust of gutter politics, if David Cameron doesn’t get his political antena retuned it may just happen around him and it will be too late for him to respond!

Remember the politics of 1990, there was the debate, as ever, over Europe and this time it was the ERM, Margaret Thatcher had been ousted mainly over Europe although she was 100% right and John Major took over as Prime Minister, we had as a country started our decent into a worldwide recession.

In 1992 the Conservative Party won the general election, in retrospect it would have been far better for the Conservatives if they had lost but they won and they proceeded, with all party support to take us into the ERM much against the right of the party.

Entry into the ERM was the first stage of joining the Euro which was introduced 10 years later in January 2002, the ERM was a disaster for the UK and was an early warning for the troubles we are having now, it ended up as we can all remember with Black Wednesday and the UK withdrawal from the ERM. Further reading

Withdrawal from the restaints of the ERM gave the UK the tools to rebuild and drag itself out of the recession and the Conservative government rebuilt the economy and was able to go into the 1997 general election with:

  1. an economy which was described by the IMF as the Golden Economy of Europe
  2. a pension system which was primarily final salary, fully subscribed with many in surplus and the envy of the world
  3. one of the free societies of the world with very little survailiance
  4. a properly regulated banking system which was again a world leader


David Cameron

You would have thought that the Conservative government would have been entering the 1997 general election on a sound footing but in fact they were 30 points behind in the polls and were soundly beaten with Labour getting a 160 (ish) seat majority, strangely on a million less votes than John Major had for his 30 seat majority!

So, what went wrong, tactics and the emergence of the real dirty gutter politics based around, as Einstein said, the bigger the lie the more people will believe it and tell the people often enough and eventually they will believe you, these are the tactics which were empoloyed by the Labour Party, the very same tactics they are starting to employ now, once the snowball starts rolling it is very difficult to stop!

The Labour Party in 1997 smeared the Conservative government with sleaze, there was no real sleaze, at least what would have an impact today and the so called sleaze was almost entirely based around affairs outside marraige and supposedly payment for questions in parliament for which their was hardly any evidence, anything the Conservative Ministers got up to though was quickly over shadowed once the Labour Party came to power. These and a continually repeated lie that the public finances were in a mess, when in fact the opposite was the case, became the new truth and the accusations stuck.

Mr Cameron, politics has always and will always be a ruthless and dirty business but in 1997 it reached new depths and we ended up with 13 years of boom based on quicksand and a determined effort to destroy a lot of what this country stands for, Labour intend 1997 to happen again, you must beware!

The Labour Party got us into the mess we are in now but they will never really comment on that, believe me thay intend that the bankers and the coalition to take the full blame, Labour are already well down the road of tainting the coalition with sleaze where there is none and incompetence, Labour have no policies or ideas, just a politics which belongs in the gutter but for the Conservative Party that is the enemy.

Forget about the Lib Dem’s, they have had 65% of their manifesto implemented, David Cameron has demonstrated that if he acts as a true Conservative Prime Minister his ratings shoot through the roof, it is those very same policies which the country so desperately needs so Mr Cameron needs to:

  1. sort ou the Human Rights Act, start the process of replacing it with a British Bill of Rights
  2. reduce the taxation on employment with an exemption on employer National Insurance contributions for smaller companies
  3. generally reduce taxation on business whilst ensuring that all businesses pay the taxes they are intended to pay
  4. signal our intention going forward and draw a halt to EU dictats, refuse to accept the current wave of Employment/Human Rights/Equality law making its way to us and start laying a plan for a major change in our relationship with the EU.
  5. the Conservative Party must announce, now, that a full referendum on the EU, including an IN or OUT question will be included in the Conservative manifesto for 2015, if Cameron does not do it now Labour will and that is a vote winner because 65/70% of the electorate are against the EU, it serves no purpose for the UK other than as a major trading partner and full withdrawal will save nominally
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