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Osborne has got a cheek, still fiddling the figures!

I see George Osborne stated yesterday that the EU debate should be more factual and sober but George 

osborneit is you along with David Cameron who are setting the whole tone of the debate, the detailed plans have come from the LEAVE camp all REMAIN have to offer is exaggerated worst case scenarios backed up with figures that are moving targets.

Whether by accident or by design, the authors of the EU’s single market gave it a misleading title

David Cameron also sunk to new depths by bringing Jo Cox into his presentation to make a point, he should know better but of course this is desperation, REMAIN could actually lose and will deserve to because they have put forward no positive arguments in favour of REMAIN just scare stories and exaggerated, worst case scenario, claims which are not backed up by the figures. 

Let us look at some of the REMAIN pronouncements

  • Osborne’s treasury has stated that every household will be £4300 worse off by 2030, Osborne actually put it on a poster!
    but that figure is entirely inaccurate in this context because it is based on GDP not household income.
  • The above treasury forecast is based on their assumption/assertion that GDP will be will be 6% lower by 2030 if we leave and we will be 6% poorer.
    No economist anywhere on earth is saying that we will be 6% poorer than we are now, it is the difference between a 35% increase in GDP and a 41% increase in GDP by 2030 and in reality the treasury can’t forecast accurately to the end of this year let alone 2030, everyone though agrees we will be better of by 2030 whether we are in or out, that is of course unless the EU implodes in which case all will agree we are definitely better off out!
  • The treasury has forecast a 0.1% decrease in GDP for each of the first 4 years after we leave the EU and a leading treasury minister stated that would mean hundreds of thousands of job losses
    and that is many more job losses than we incurred during the last 2008 recession when we had an 8% fall in GDP, they are just twisting the figures to frighten us

Remember what Cameron said to both the CBI and the House of Commons “of course Britain will survive outside of the EU, we are a great nation, we will do ok”

Cameron and Osborne are now forecasting a bomb under our economy, world conflict, an isolated country, lost influence in the world, among a multitude of other disasters if we leave the EU but no real facts as to what remain looks like, that is not because the don’t know, they just don’t want to tell us.

Think on this, we are the 5th biggest economic power in the world, the 4th biggest military power in the world, the UK is a founder member of both NATO and the UN with permanent seats on both and we have a reach around the world greater than virtually any other country via the Commonwealth, just how big a country do we have to be to survive and thrive on our own, we will not lose influence if we leave the EU, we will gain enormously, we will not be isolated we will be a full member of the world family!

In reality the UK will survive and thrive outside the UK and I predict we will also be immensely more prosperous as a nation well before 2030.

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