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Malware and Virus Attacks, it really is like a War out in Cyberspace!

It is Malware and Virus war, they come at you from all directions and you have to be so careful because it can close your site down, you can literally lose your business overnight but the defences are up, ready to repel all boarders!

Malware and Virus Attacks, it really is like a War out in Cyberspace, yes Cyberspace, a place where sad morons/countries live who spend their life trying to ruin other people’s lives!

To recap for our readers, ‘Its just life’ was compromised, first by being hacked which was cleared up, or so we thought and then by the malware the hacker had left and this after a clean 5 years with no hint of infection, as alluded to in a previous post we have vastly increased our protection installing the following software and monitoring.

  1. We have installed the Bulletproof Securities plugin to deal with malware and virus
  2. The Bulletproof plugin is supported by year round monitoring by Securi Security
  3. The Bad Behavior plugin has been installed which along side Askimet will deal with any spam

Sucuri Security

This is about as much protection as you can put on a WordPress site, or any site and should keep ‘Its just life’ secure from any virus or malware, Securi Security is our backup and apart from constant monitoring they have one of themalware best malware and virus removal services so a site can be cleaned in a matter of hours should something sneak through!

Well, there we have it, the appropriate steps have been completed to ensure ‘Its just life’ is a safe site now and into the future but take time to read the articles below because this is a world war and we are all involved, at least you will know that the ‘Its just life’ team take this seriously and you will be safe when you visit ‘Its just life’

Final note: we are still getting the McAfee SiteAdvisor warning bar on some of our pages, we are working with McAfee SiteAdvisor because there is no reason for this happening, ‘Its just life’ has been passed as totally clean by both Securi Security and Google, it may take a few days for these things to right themselves!

If you have any experiences you would like to share please use the comment box below and thank you for visiting ‘Its just life’.

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