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European Union, so desparate to keep us in, so important to leave!

European Union – Sir John Major warns Conservative Eurosceptics to keep quiet or Britain could  end up leaving European Union and of course he is right, it is exactly the reason the Eurosceptics must not keep quiet because leaving the European Union is the national goal supported by 70% of the British people!

Politicians, of all parties must start to understand that the British people do not belong in the European Union, we value democracy too much, it is far too important!

european unionGood old Sir John Major, one of those politicians who just can’t grasp the truth that the UK needs to leave the European Union, sooner rather than later, for the UK to stay in the European Union there would have to be a dramatic switch in focus which would be a complete about turn for practically all the other members and that about turn would be a change in the European Union (EU) from full political and fiscal integration to being just a massive free market which isn’t going to happen.

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The EU is one of the biggest drains on our economy yet, probably purely for self-interest, the politicians are desperate to keep us in warning against job losses due to losing trade etc but we would easily be able to negotiate a trade agreement and we have no need to accept EU dictates to get it, our relationship with the EU should be no different to our relationship with the USA other than we would have full access to a massive free and open market.

We are able to negotiate this because the EU can’t afford to lose our trade, just as an example, we are globally the biggest trading partner of Germany, the same probably applies to France but we can also rejoin organisations such as EFTA (European Free Trade Association) and of course we will have direct access to the worlds biggest market which is the Commonwealth.

As an idea, the UK could set up its own free market using the Commonwealth to rival the EU, no John Major these are not worrying times and leaving the EU is nothing to be fearful about, in fact leaving the EU will create really exciting times and opportunities will abound, I just hope our politicians do not throw these opportunities away!

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Sir John Major warns Conservative Eurosceptics to keep quiet or Britain could  end up leaving EU

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