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Lib Dem’s, Democracy and Fairness are not Compatible!

Lib Dem’s, Democracy and Fairness are not Compatible and just what do we mean by that, surely the Lib Dem’s are the very fount of democracy and fairness!

The Lib Dem’s have a friendly and flexible front end which displays the very essence of democracy but in reality they do not have a single genuine policy with public support, the coalition has proved their incompatibility with government and their aim is a voting system which guarantees them permanent power, power without accountability, government in spite of the people not on behalf of the people!

Let us first look the reality of the coalition, a coalition is supposed to be a partnership, two parties working together and throughout the life of the coalition the Conservative Party has been at pains to talk about our coalition partners, never once attacking them from a senior level. The Lib Dem’s have had in excess of 65% of their manifesto enacted and have representation within cabinet and every department which when you consider their disastrous 2010 general election, only getting 15% of the vote, far exceeds their electoral mandate.

But as with all coalitions it is the small party with little mandate that has the wip hand, if they don’t get what they want the toys get thrown around and the Lib Dem’s have, since the very start of the coalition, attacked the Conservative Party from within and without cabinet and at their party conferences, they are already planning vicious attacks on their ‘coalition partners’ for their next conference and constantly leak to the press details of confidential meetings which must make them impossible to work with and totally unsuited to government.



The main Lib Dem policies such as Unfettered Immigration, Extension of the role of the European Court of Human Rights, Greater integration into the European Union, Membership of the Euro-Zone, Massive Expenditure on Green Initiatives base on unproven Science, High Taxation etc have little or no public support and would produce a 65%+ vote against in any referendum.

The few policies they had with public support were put in because they never thought they would have to implement them such as Tuition Fees which even they know that as policy was unaffordable.

The Lib Dem’s dream is to change the voting system to a Proportional Representation (PR) system, PR systems are anti democratic guaranteeing a coalition every time, no-one knows what they are voting for because policies are decided after the election making manifesto’s obsolete.

The power lie’s with the minority party(‘s) which just changes sides making government similar to musical chairs, PR ensures hardly any of the electorate get what they thought they were voting for and the only satisfied people are the politicians who continue enjoying power.

A PR voting system would provide permanent power for the third-party which inevitably would be the Lib Dem’s and their unbending support for one of the most undemocratic institutions in the world, the European Union, demonstrates the LIb Dem’s unsuitability for power in one of the worlds greatest democracies, lets hope that at the next general election the electorate remember where true democracy lie’s and it is not with the Lib Dem’s.

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