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European Union – the case AGAINST the UK’s Membership!

European Union, you have read constantly on this site, over the past few years, the reasons for why we must quit the European Union and it gets even more urgent as every day passes and now Daniel Hannan MEP has publish a superb book titledA Doomed Marriage: Britain and Europe which is essential reading for every UK citizen.

European Union, according to Daniel Hannan MEP has an in joke that if the European Union ever tried to join itself entry would be denied because the organisation is completely undemocratic and you have been reading that for the past umpteen years on ‘Its just life!

The European Union, born in the name of PEACE in EUROPE, soon to be replaced by ruthless ambition, greed, ego, waste, corruption and a total disregard for the views of the electorate and the ballot box, the European Union has failed, a marriage formed in heaven but operated in hell!

The total cost to the UK of European Union membership is probably around £50billion per year, yes we are paying £50billion every year to be part of a European dictatorship which is slowly eroding our basic freedoms, not only that but through following a ruthless and unattainable dream the European Union is slowly bankrupting the weaker countries, even Germany has had its ‘AAA’ rating under scrutiny!  

In the UK, we may moan but if we do not like a government we can remove them at a general election, just how much influence do we have at European Union Elections and the answer is zero because no matter which way we vote it has no effect on Brussels and the EU, they carry on just the same and if the vote does affect them they just tell the relevant country to vote again until they get the right result, when Ireland voted no in a referendum the second referendum resulted in blatant bribery and suppression of the opposition argument.

The UK warned Brussels that the Euro-Zone project was flawed, unstable and would not work but they took no notice and carried on, true to our warnings it failed and is now on the brink of damaging all the worlds financial institutions but the rich Germans and the French now want the UK and the rest of the world to pay for their ego trip, it’s not going to happen.

Read this post, get your copy and read the book, before you have a chance to vote and comment below because it is your country 

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