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Ken Clark Cow, Cow’s to Europe!

Ken Clark says we will have to obey the European Court of Human Rights!

I hear that Ken Clark has said in an interview that we will probably have to obey the European Court of Human Rights and let prisoners have the vote but WHY!

David Cameron has to live in the world of real politics, he was elected on a manifesto which included a promise to withdraw from the Human Rights Act so he has a mandate to tell the European Court of Human Rights to go forth and multiply, with a good majority in the Parliamentary vote he will be on solid ground.

This should kick-start his withdrawal from the Human Rights Act and a bill has to be put before Parliament to make it illegal for prisoners to claim for compensation for anything, finally a bill must be introduced which establishes the primacy of British Law, we should not accept any other legislation from the European Commission, European Parliament or the European Court of Human Rights.

For once lets see our Members of Parliament standing up for Britain and if Ken Clark hasn’t the stomach for down to earth real politics then perhaps he should retire.

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