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Credit Card Rates Average 18.9%

The banks, who between them nearly bankrupt the worlds economies!

The banks, who between them nearly bankrupt the worlds economies and were saved only by a massive injection of public funds are repaying us by charging exorbitant interest charges on any borrowings with credit cards now averaging 18.9%.

Even with Bank of England (BOE) rates being the lowest in history the bankers are living up to their reputation of being just ‘crooks in suits’, even if you can get a load/credit the interest rates are sky-high with precious little help for the mortgage market, they are the one’s stunting the growth of the economy. Given the pain being suffered by the population of this country, the only people who have not suffered are the top bankers who created the mess, even though the ‘Royal Bank of Scotland’ is still losing money and the rest to varying degrees still rely on BOE support all the banks are paying sky-high bonuses!

It is perfectly obvious that these people have no pride, no principles, no standards and continue to treat their customers and the whole british public with contempt, the problem is that when the Labour government injected the public funds they asked for NOTHING in return which is the evidence of their total naivety and for now I don’t know what we can do about it other than offer the bankers what they deserve, TOTAL CONTEMPT.

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