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European Union Whitehall Whitewash, waste of time and money!

Well there we have it, David Cameron promised a full review of our position within the European Union and the first report has been produced but if you put that review in the hands of the establishment (Civil Servants), the Lib Dem’s and a few, if you can find them, Europhile Conservatives  who all think the European Union is wonderful then you don’t need many brain cells to guess what the conclusions are.

This is a government report with Lib Dem hands all over it, on the one hand David Cameron believes the European Union should be more like a Common Market and the Nick Clegg together with the establishment wanting it to be more like the Soviet Union!


european union
Nick Clegg and
José Manuel Barroso

It is obvious that if we want, as a country, to stay in the European Union and further integrate to be fully involved then the conclusion of this first report that the balance of powers between the UK and Brussels is broadly correct is a forgone conclusion, it didn’t need a review.

But that is not the question the people of our country are asking or the sort of review we need and of course in some areas the European Union is good for Britain, the people of this country in the main want our relationship with the European Union to be a relationship with a Common Market which is what most of us thought we were joining!  

EU is good for Britain, Government review finds –

Shock! Whitehall says Britain staying in the EU is a good thing: Tory MPs … – Daily Mail

Working Time directive restricts work of doctors, official EU review finds –


We were lied to by Ted Heath, Harold Wilson and Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher pushed through major European integration but soon realized the damage being done and the transfer of Sovereignty and tried to stop it, remember her famous speech where she said NO, NO, NO, it takes a lot of guts and integrity to admit you were wrong.

If we leave our countries membership of the European Union in the hands of Nick Clegg, Ken Clark, Civil Servants and the Left-Wing Liberal Elite we will sink ever deeper into the quagmire which is the biggest and most bloated Bureaucracy in the world which is corrupt, wasteful and anti-democratic.

The whole institution, when it is elected, uses a Proportional Representation system for its elections which is often dressed up as being more democratic and representative with individual votes having increased value but it is nothing of the sort providing a cosy existence for politicians with no accountability and major power for the smaller parties with little political mandate, far from increasing voter participation voting number will drop under that system! 

The European Union has to fully integrate to survive in its current form, both politically and fiscally, and I don’t think the people of the United Kingdom want to be governed from Brussels or Berlin, bear in mind that even currently 65%  of our laws are made in Brussels, many of them nodded through by Civil Servants with no scrutiny!

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Another point which is worrying is that when the Referendum comes around, apart from the pro and anti camps the European Commission will throw £millions at the campaign to try to buy votes and frighten people of the dire consequences of leaving the European Union (EU), this must not be allowed, the spending limit for each camp must be strictly monitored and equal, any EU monies must be part of the pro camp spend not an addition, we cannot decide our countries future through bribery.

The voters have a tough decision to make but I believe the UKs future lies as an independent country with strong ties to the Common Market of Europe, the only body that should be able to make laws in this country is our Mother of Parliaments, populated by people we have elected and we can throw out, the sooner our politicians take that on board the sooner they will regain the respect of the people they represent, Clegg and Miliband are of course terrified of a referendum because they know they will lose! 

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