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Political Correctness and Politics, it is a really sad World!

Political Correctness and discrimination at its worst, Independent Councillor Mel Winter 71, who has represented a ward in Bridgend South Wales for 30 years, has been reprimanded for making a supposed ‘sexist’ remark!

It is a sad world when even a genuine compliment can be treat as a sexist remark, it is even sadder when that becomes part of the establishment view, political correctness at its worst and a threat to free speech!

politicalCouncillor Mel Winter was carrying a cup of coffee in each hand when Labour Councillor Hailey Townsend, 29, asked if he wanted her to open the door for him at their council HQ.

Mr Winter replied: ‘with a figure like that, you can hold the door all day.’

An offended Mrs Townsend reported the remark to senior council officials and Mr Winter was summoned by council legal director Andrew Jolley and warned about his behavior!

Mel Winter said ‘ it is a sad day when you can’t make a compliment to a lady, I think of myself as a gentleman and I get on with most women, young and old. I was passing her a compliment in good faith and in a light hearted manner, the saying political correctness gone mad comes to mind!’

I personally come from a time when if a young woman didn’t get a whistle when she passed a building site she wanted to know what was wrong, it was polite to compliment a woman on her appearance and it was good manners to hold a door etc. it is not sexist and it was a lot healthier world.

Political Correctness and the rights of women and minority faiths has now become the new discrimination which we have to combat before it becomes intolerable for society, for instance:

  1. The only sections of society you can tell jokes about without breaching the evil political correctness are the English and the Christian Church.
  2. How on earth can you have such as a Black Police Union, surely a White Police Union would be illegal.
  3. How can you have women only gyms, again a men only gym would be illegal. 
  4. Women only shortlists have to be illegal, as would men only shortlists, we need the best person for any particular job not just someone to fill a jobworths quota!
  5. The list is endless but you get my drift!

William Hague is now in trouble for muttering ‘silly woman’ under his breath, how ridiculous, these two women have entered the tough world of politics where often you need a good row to get to the bottom of things but they are turning politics into a polite women’s tea party where every speech is greeted with polite smiles and clapping, these women are obviously not equipped for life let alone the tough Hurley Burley of politics.

Toughen up girls because you will end up destroying real democracy where, as I said earlier, sometimes you need a good passionate argument with table thumping to get at the nub of the debate but if you can’t handle it, you can’t properly do the job so don’t enter the world of politics!    

This of course continues through all walks of life, remember in olden times when if your child fell over and broke an arm or broke a leg playing school football, it was called part of growing up, now there must always be someone to blame and the parents sue the school which is ridiculous and must be stopped because injuring yourself playing in the play ground or whilst playing football is all part of growing up!

People are just too precious these days and the words ‘Common Sense’ with the jobworths Health and Safety/Human Rights brigade entering every walk of life and of course whole new highly paid career structures have been built around this nonsense to make this a really sad world.  

This Topic is one of the BIGGEST dangers to our Freedom and Democracy and Freedom of Speech is the very nub of any Democracy, you need to have your say by COMMENTING BELOW, agree or disagree your views are important.
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Read the full article from the Daily Mail below:

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