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EU and just why does the Establishment want us to stay in?

European Union ( EU ), read the article below, David Cameron has set out his stall on the European Union and it has nothing to do with the UK leaving the EU and everything to do with ensuring we can never leave which means the planned negotiations will be a fudge, just as they were when Harold Wilson was involved at the last referendum on the European Union!

David Cameron has hinted that whatever the outcome of the European Union renegotiations he will campaign for the UK to stay in the EU, will he now guarantee that if the referendum result is for withdrawal from the European Union that he will honour that result!


David Cameron

In the EU article below under Further reading David Cameron is already warning that the European Union will ignore Britain’s demands for special terms and demands to limit our further integration, which in reality is obvious but repatriating powers is the whole basis for his proposed renegotiation of our relationship with the European Union, so the ‘slippery one’ has admitted that his strategy cannot work and is just a vehicle to buy time.

Watching the ‘slippery one’ over the next few years will be a source of fun but also fear for the future of our country, the electorate need to be aware and determined, we were told lies when we went into the ‘Common Market’, lies at the last referendum and the lies will continue through to the next referendum because the ‘Liberal Elite Ruling Establishment’ are determined we stay in the European Union at whatever cost to our country.

We need to be at the top table
David Cameron says that we need to stay in the European Union to be at the top table but in the European Union we will only be at the top table of the European Union, just 1 in 27+, outside the European Union we can not only decide our own destiny but be at the top table of the world, which is where we belong!

We can’t leave the European Union because 40% of our trade is with the single market
In reality our trade with the rest of the world, for the first time, is larger and growing faster than our trade with the single market which is diminishing and as we are the biggest single trading partner of Germany and France worldwide we will be in the pound seats when negotiating our access to the single market. Richard Branson and his business cohorts are obviously campaigning for us to stay in the European Union because his businesses are pan-European (World) and it is simpler for business if it is essentially one country but that means an increasing inability to govern ourselves.

Would our businesses suffer if we left the European Union?
No is the answer, because we would regain the ability to govern ourselves, make our own decisions and laws and the main objective of any UK government would be to make the UK simply the most attractive place in the world to do business, yes that would make a lot of already rich people richer but the gap between rich and poor is irrelevant, a Labour/Union myth, it is how much richer the relative poor are that is important.

You cannot make the poor richer without making the rich richer, it is impossible.

When the referendum does eventually arrive the people of this country will be bombarded by European Union propaganda, there will be no limit placed on the amount of money the European Union will throw at the referendum to get the result they want but all the voters need to appreciate is that if they vote to stay in the European Union they will condemn our country to ever further integration into a United States of Europe.

Any concessions Cameron has gained will be quickly eroded as soon as we have a Labour or Labour/Lib Dem government, remember that even now over 60% of our laws come from Brussels and in the main are just nodded through by civil servants without even being debated in parliament.

We really do need to regain our ability to totally govern ourselves, to enshrine parliament as the only law-making body for the UK, remember, before you cast your vote in any upcoming referendum – the European Union stands for Unaccountable POWER, POWER  without any real accountability to any electorate’ a dream of our governing Liberal Elite who are desperate that we stay in the EU and no matter how much I may criticise David Cameron he is our countries only real hope of stopping the strangulation of our democracy!

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