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Lib Dem’s, this is Exactly what they are about, the end of the UK!

So there we have it, apart from the actual policies which we will cover later in the article, if we didn’t already know, if the next general election results in a hung parliament then the Lib Dem’s will demand Proportional Representation (PR) as one of their conditions for entering a coalition, one of the biggest dangers to democracy this country has ever seen.

The Lib Dem’s don’t deal in democracy, hypocrisy definitely but democracy to the Lib Dem’s is a permanent presence of the Lib Dem’s in government, no matter how the public votes!


lib dem
Nick Clegg, he wouldn’t, would he!

So this is a party which, after the next general election will have between 10% and a maximum 15% of the vote declaring it will effectively be the joint equal ruling party in any coalition with absolutely no electoral mandate above the 10 to 15%!

But that is what Nick Clegg and the Lib Dem’s call democracy, if they are in a position to form a coalition they have said they will insist on proportional representation (PR) as a red line issue, PR is the most undemocratic electoral system reducing electors influence to near zero and guaranteeing coalitions with a permanent Lib Dem presence, a party which will be very difficult, almost impossible, to remove from power!

The Lib Dem’s will insist on full involvement within the EU, there will be no chance of a referendum which in itself is against the views of 60% of the British public, our chance of renegotiating our position in the EU will have gone, as will any possibility of leaving!

In any future coalition involving the Lib Dem’s we will get more Human Rights intrusion, more government from Brussels, more taxation, the politics of envy and opportunity driven down to the lowest common denominator, we will be just a region of the European Community.

It is up to the British electorate to put this arrogant nonentity of a party into the trash pan of politics, for the sake of our country.  

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