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Cyclists, YES Jeremy Clarkson, you are Right, I hate Cyclists too!

Jeremy Clarkson is quite right about cyclists and he is made right by the arrogance of the cyclists who really are menace to pedestrians, a menace to the mental health of car and lorry drivers and most of all a menace to themselves. 

No lights, no high visible jacket, earphones in ear, hoodie on, yes it can only be a cyclist and with no bell/horn you can’t hear them – what chance have they and you the motorist got?


Cyclists, Clarkson seems to hate them with a vengeance but it is probably the stupidity, arrogance and sheer vulnerability of some cyclists, think about it, they ride around at night without Hi-Viz jackets, no lights or if they do have lights they have those dangerous flashing things which irritate and attract attention away from the road, earphones firmly placed in ears, sometimes sending or receiving text messages and it is not uncommon for them to wear a hoody, on top of that if they have an accident it is the driver that gets the blame. of the greatest protections a cyclist has is their awareness of their surroundings but if you add a hoody, which takes away peripheral vision, and or earphones they lose that awareness, wearing just a cycling helmet should be a legal requirement and earphones must be made illegal, for their own safety.

When a cyclist does have lights on at night they are in the main those flashing lights which attract a drivers vision from the road ahead, they are really annoying and dangerous at best and sometimes difficult to see anyway which makes them more dangerous, proper lights please, on the actual bike, must be a legal requirement.

Bikes are, by their very nature, silent which means pedestrians can’t hear them so what has happened to the requirement for a bell, I have on several occasions come close to a serious accident as a bike wizzed by, alarmingly close, a method of warning such as a bell must be compulsory.

The number of times I see cyclists riding, on both road and footpath, whilst they are sending or receiving a text message is numerous and should be dealt with as it would with a motorist, also carrying a load of shopping in one had with the other hand on the handlebars is very dangerous, you simply have not got proper control of the bike unless you have access to both brakes and use both hands!

Jeremy Clarkson at SPEED


Hi-Viz jackets, proper lights, helmets, bells and carry boxes if you want to carry items other than in a rucksack must be a legal requirement together with affordable insurance and an in depth cycling test so that all cyclists are licenced, this is not though a vendetta against cyclists, these are just essential safety requirements intended to keep them alive and to instil into them that they are subject to the normal rules of the road.

Are YOU a cyclist, why not have your say because this is a subject important to YOU, have your say by COMMENTING below and if you found this article interesting please LIKE the ‘Its just life!’ FACEBOOK page

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