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Theresa May calls snap election for 8th June 2017!

Theresa May, well, you had the suspense, no one apparently knew what Theresa May’s announcement was going to be and the apprehension was expertly being built by the media but really, it could only have been a General Election.

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Politics must have of Common Sense you see!

Politics of little sense prevails as usual and yet another reason to get out of the European Union as soon as possible, it really serves very little purpose other than to make┬ástupid rules and burden our country with costly beaurocracy!…

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NHS. Politics, Lifestyle the Good and the Bad, its the NHS!

NHS, every day we pick up the newspapers and can read about the bad side of the NHS, things that don’t work and there re some areas which are appalling, every day I see evidence and the results of doctor…

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Politics, the Lib Dem’s, Tory Right and yes it is the Budget Season.

Politics and it is very nearly the budget season and one minute we are told George Osborne has an unexpected

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For all the Lib Dem Politics and Anger, they didn’t show up!

For all their Liberal politics and anger towards the NHS reforms they just did not turn up for the debate, for a party so bullish about its intentions they fall at the first hurdle The Labour party put down an…

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