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Politics, Politics, YES it is the Labour Party Conference!

Oh dear, politics abounds and it is the end of the Labour Party Conference so comments are due, it is just difficult writing constructively about the hot air which was the Labour Party Conference!

Politics is a world where if you have made a complete botch of it then the essential thing is a good story and the Labour Party Conference was essentially about constructing that story, the story is basically that everything bad which happened between 2010 and the present is the fault of the coalition and everything bad which happened prior to 2010 was the fault of world recession and the nasty bankers, with a minor apology from Ed Balls regarding world-wide banking regulation which goes as follows:

The Ed Balls apology “The banking crisis was a disaster. All around the world the banks behaved irresponsibly, but regulation wasn’t tough enough. We were part of that. I’m sorry for that mistake, I deeply, deeply regret it”

Ed Miliband

This was a conference full of bullshit with nothing much to commend it, packed with the politics of cover up and a refusal to admit to the disaster they created but then they can’t admit to it because it would be the end of the Labour Party and for the disaster they created, far greater than the disaster they created in 1979, it deserves to be the end of the Labour Party for a very long time.

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But then this is politics and despite the woes of the last Labour government they, unbelievably, still ride high in the polls, it is difficult to imagine how they still command such support when each and every time the Labour Party achieves office it leaves the country in a perilous state.

Lets just remember what the Labour Party inherited in 1997, they had trashed the Conservative party by using the proven theory that if you tell the people often enough they will believe you, and they did, most od the mud was false but it stuck!

The Conservative Party were never the nasty party or the party of sleaze, this was largely put out by Labour, the left-wing press and the BBC but virtually all the Conservative sleaze was based around extramarital affairs, the Labour Party was to show us how to do sleaze and were probable the nearest thing this country has had to a corrupt government!

The Labour Party was to show us how to do sleaze and were probable the nearest thing this country has had to a corrupt government!

In politics it is always the mud that is remembered before the legacy and the Labour Party spent considerable effort erasing the memory of the Conservative Legacy which was to keep them afloat for 13 years but eventually like all Labour governments they ran out of money!

So lets remind ourselves and when we are listening to the likes of Miliband, Balls, Cooper and Harman it will help us put all their bluster into perspective:

What Labour inherited

  1. An economy which was rated by both the IMF and the World Bank as a golden economy, we were the world’s third biggest overseas investor after tha USA and Japan!
  2. The debts accumulated during the 1990’s recession was being repaid at a fast rate, Labour carried this on and obviously claimed the credit
  3. A pensions system which was based on final salaries and was vastly in surplus, it was the envy of Europe
  4. A highly regulated and financially sound banking system
  5. Probably the most democratic and free country in the world
  6. A basically corruption free political system, in comparison to the rest of the world

What Labour did with it

  1. Labour just spent the money, and some, with
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