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The Politics of David Cameron

Just where does David Cameron think the compass of politics in this country points, he might be surprised to know that for the vast majority it points right!

If David Cameron gets his act together, thinks before he speaks and consults William Hague more on foreign affairs and stops dithering then he could turn out to be a great Prime Minister but Cameron is still under the influence of the people who labelled the Conservative Party, the nasty party.

The Conservative Party was never the nasty party, it had some not very nice things to sort out as now but it was never the nasty party, this was a phrase coined by the left-wing BBC, left-wing press and peddled by the Labour Party. The public fell for it, as did the John Major’s, Michael Portillo’s, Theresa May’s etc of the Conservative Party, we must not forget David Cameron who seems to think we should not mention Europe, Human Rights, immigration etc in case we upset the so-called middle ground.

When will David Cameron realise that the real middle ground, which includes the working class believes in

  1. Leaving the European Economic Community (EU)
  2. Being very tough on crime
  3. Stopping immigration
  4. This country as a Christian Society and that the Government should protect our constitutional beliefs as a Christian society and our history as a Protestant Christian Society
  5. The government not pandering to minority groups in preference over the majority
  6. etc, etc, etc

The Prime Minister just needs to pick a pub in a solid Labour area and listen to the conversation, then he has to decide how he conveys that within Conservative policy, he needs to learn how to speak to these people and I am not sure he can, he then needs to repeat this with the middle classes and the result will be the same. You see the majorityof these people have been brainwashed to think of the Conservative Party as the nasty party but their beliefs would sit well with that other great patriot and conservative Enoch Powell but they just don’t realize it and thats the challenge.

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