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Politics of elections that Cameron just doesn’t comprehend

Does anyone, with any interest in politics, even comprehend the damage to this country if the Conservative Party do not win a majority, a Labour or Labour/Lib Dem government just doesn’t bear thinking about!

Politics is the profession David Cameron has chosen but to be successful in politics is to be a winner and that is one thing which is light on the Cameron CV, so far he can only claim to be nearly a winner!


A Relaxed David Cameron

David Cameron has the opportunity to be that winner in politics, winning the next election is relatively easy if he doesn’t leave it too late but does he actually appreciate what he needs to do or will he leave his head in the sand and hope it all turns out alright?    Further Reading

If Cameron fails and loses the next election in 2015 the politics in this country will change for ever, with a Labour or Labour/Lib Dem government you will have a very hard left of centre politics, don’t listen to Nick Clegg and his assertion that it is the Lib Dem’s who have kept the coalition anchored in the centre ground because his centre ground is very much to the far left of centre and the same applies to Labour.

With either a Labour government or a Labour/Lib Dem coalition we will end up with Proportional Representation (PR) because they will gamble that it will keep the Conservative Party out of government for good guaranteeing a far left of centre future for the UK because PR always delivers a coalition and Labour will always band together with the Lib Dem’s.

A Labour or Labour/Lib Dem government will take us fully into the European Union (EU) we will be fully integrated into an institution where real democracy does not exist and without the support of the people, and on top of that we will have high spending, high taxation, the politics of envy, the penalisation of success, ever-increasing immigration, intrusive Human Rights and Equality Laws and the politics landscape of this country will be unrecognisable, we will be a poor region of the EU!

Cameron though has the ability to save us and this great country from this vandalism but does he realize it, this country is basically, even Labour supporters, Right-of-Centre and all Cameron has to do is be a Conservative Prime Minister and here are just a few of the policies that will ger him home and dry:

  1. Set an actual date for an IN/OUT referendum on the EU, set it now and if he wants to include another question on a renegotiated relationship then he has 2 years to negotiate that package.
  2. Pull out of all the EU bureaucratic laws on work, law, equality etc, there are over 100 laws which we can now just pull out of but we must decide soon.
  3. Repeal the Labour equalities Act put in by Harriet Harman.
  4. Just tell the European Court of Human Rights that they have a right to comment only, we must put forward our own UK Bill of Rights but we need sensible people on the committee, the current one is packed with Lib Dem’s and lawyers.
  5. Really tackle immigration, forget the Lib Dem’s, they can’t really do anything
  6. We have really got to distance our selves from the Lib Dem’s because they are really a Labour Party sabotage unit!
  7. Finally, for this list and as important as any point, we have to boost the economy at every opportunity using all the levers, again forget about the Lib Dem’s, they have abandoned the Conservatives!

 The Lib Dem’s have now broken cover, they have never been a supporting member of the coalition but now it is out in the open, Lib Dem’s have been told to criticise their Conservative Colleagues just as much if not more than Labour, Nick Clegg will claim that it is the Lib Dem’s who have kept this coalition together but that is plainly a lie, the Lib Dem’s have been the wreckers from the start, it is only the Conservative Party which has remained true to the coalition, when did you last hear a senior Conservative criticise the Lib Dem’s.

Cameron has the opportunity and the potential policies but does he even realize it, has he got the b***s and the winning mentality, I don’t know but for this countries sake I really hope so!

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