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Politics and our Freedoms dictate we must defy The European Court of Human Rights

In the name of the People, Politics, our Freedoms and our ability to govern ourselves with Parliament being the supreme body we must defy The European Court of Human Right over the votes for prisoners issue.

It’s not just that we are tied ever further to the EU dictatorship but we now have a group of unelected judges in the European Court of Human Rights telling us that, not only must we obey their ruling which is sickening to the majority of the country but also telling our government the timescale they must use to introduce the legislation.

David Cameron will have the full support of the British people if he tells these unelected judges where to go, he should also bring in legislation to make it illegal for a British Government to pay compensation in these cases and for prisoners to bring these compensation claims. This not only applies to voting rights, we must stop the ridiculous cases such as:

  1. Human Rights infringements because pornographic magazines were not allowed
  2. Human rights infringements because room wasn’t up to standard
  3. Current case where prisoner is taking prison authorities to court because his regime is too restricting, he has tried to escape 3 times and is dangerous

Those are just 3 examples of the hundreds in the wings and we pay whatever because they all get legal aid, these people have broken their contract with society and don’t go to prison for an easy life or to come out richer!

This is really just a short post to highlight the problem, it does not pretend to cover the subject in-depth but it will, I hope, prompt the public to show their support for the government when David Cameron tells these judges in simple terms NO and he will because he has to, he has no choice!

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