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Make Sure You Vote NO to AV!

Well I thought I was just a voice in the wilderness.

Well I thought I was just a voice in the wilderness, for over a year I have been writing about the threat that AV or any proportional system delivers to our democracy, AV or a proportionate voting system is anti-democratic and delivers weak coalition governments.

The reason the Lib Dem’s are hung up on Proportional Representation is the very fact that it virtually guarantees a coalition government and as the 3rd party they will always be the kingmakers, they will choose the make up of any coalition, in their minds it gives them permanent power.

And think about it, they will never have to keep a promise, in fact a proportional system virtually makes a manifesto obsolete, all policy decisions will be taken after the election behind closed doors and that really is a recipe for corruption!

The Lib Dem’s worse nightmare!

But should the disaster happen and AV wins the vote on 5th May there could be another scenario, if and it’s a big if, UKIP get their act together with a good set of policies and sharp presentation, its a scenario that is the Lib Dem’s worse nightmare because they will never recover from it and they will probably die, killed on the sword of Proportional Representation!

You see UKIP will win the 2nd preference votes of most of the Conservative and Labour voters because of Europe and under AV where someone coming third could accumulate enough second preference votes to win the seat UKIP could end up the 3rd party.

It all depends on UKIP getting their act together.

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