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European Union – Nick Clegg Speaks, is anyone listening?

European Union, Nick Clegg’s dream, he has warned the Prime Minister David Cameron not to put our membership of the European Union in question saying  “unwise” to create “a prolonged period of uncertainty” over Britain’s relationship with Europe when he makes his speech on Friday.

Well, that is going to be difficult, just how do you make a speech about the sort of changes we want to see in the European Union, which are totally opposed by the majority of the remaining members. without questions being asked about the UK’s membership of the European Union!


european union
Nick Clegg – Deputy Prime Minister

Nick Clegg says that if David Cameron causes uncertainty about our membership of the European Union it could have a chilling effect on the British economy, well it is going to be mightily difficult to talk about referendums about and repatriating powers from the European Union without creating some uncertainty and in fact the majority, over 70%, of the British public would expect there to be uncertainty because there is no question our very membership of the European Union is the real debate!
With respect to the British economy, the real chilling effect on the British economy is the bureaucracy and interference which come out of Brussels effecting our entire economy and our very way of life, it adds $billions to our costs and is harming our competitiveness, we can’t even negotiate our own trade agreements which must go through the European Union.
The other chilling effect on our economy is the Lib Dem’s and their potty schemes, support for inefficiency, unproven and ludicrous green policies, politics of envy and a never-ending desire to penalize success, just baby’s in a sweet shop!
So go on Mr Clegg, I suppose you have to talk about something but maybe you may at sometime stretch yourself to support your colleagues in coalition, the Conservative Party, as the Lib Dem’s are the party of coalition you would expect them to support it but no, the only party supporting the coalition is the Conservative Party, the Lib Dem’s have been undermining it from day one.  


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