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Cameron Playing Dangerous Game!

David Cameron is playing a very dangerous game with his own supporters and the country!

Now I am getting into a seeming rut of always being critical of this coalition but I really do want them to be successful and they must be successful for the country’s sake, what I also want though is a Conservative Party to vote for at the next General Election.

There are two area’s which will stop the UK becoming the dynamic country it should be:

  1. To get the Lib Dem’s into the coalition David Cameron has dropped almost all the Conservative headline policies from their election manifesto
    a) Support for the ‘first past the post’ voting system
    b) Harder line on Europe and the repatriation of powers
    c) Stopping the war on the motorist
    d) Abolition of the Human Rights Act
    e) No increase in VAT
    f) Tough on crime
    g) Easing, if not abolish inheritance tax
    h) Tough controls on immigration
    fringe inferred policy
    i) Easing of stamp duty burden
  2. We are still hog-tied with the Labour left over, social engineering policies which must be abandoned
    a) Harriet Harman’s daft Equalities Act.
    b) The obscene overseas aid budget when compared with our financial situation
    c) Hundreds of Quango’s must go, we are only playing at it!
    d) The incredible over-manning of every government controlled department/organisation, Labour had no idea how to get unemployment down other than for the government to employ everyone.

The list goes on and all these are issues the electorate voted the Conservatives into power to sort out, add to this that the hardest hit by the coalition policies are the Conservatives natural supporters and is it any wonder they feel betrayed, not only are they the hardest hit but they have none of the policies they voted for, all the policies above would give a major boost to the economy.

I just want a Conservative Party I can recognise to vote for at the next general election, the country needs that Conservative Part to ensure a recovery and the return to a free independent country but it may not be the part of the Conservative Party which Cameron leads, I would love to be proven wrong.

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