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William, William, the Politics of Libya, what happened?

William Hague is without question the most talented member of the coalition.

In the current world of British politics William Hague is without question the most talented individuald around, one of the few with a true sense of history, so just how did he find himself in this mess, it can be blamed on the politics of the last Labour government but the Conservative Party must not copy Labour, who continually blamed the Conservative Party for 13 years, they must just move on and put things right.

If we go back to 1997, when Labour came to power they inherited a Civil Service that was world-class, built up over centuries of tradition and experience which was non-political and served whichever shade of government in power, it was devoid of politics and quite rightly the envy of the world, a powerful sounding board for ministers.

Once labour came to power they immediately went about politicizing the Civil Service, virtually making it an arm of the Labour Party and the result is that after 13 years of Labour Government the Civil Service is no longer ‘fit for service’ with centuries of tradition and experience thrown away.

As one commentator journalist put it ” It was William Hague’s job to order the evacuation but it wasn’t his job to book the plane which is virtually what he had to do!

The mighty wheels of the Civil Service just did not turn and the centuries of experience and hands on knowledge to advise him on the latest failed mission to Libya was not available in a reliable form, this is another big job for the Conservative Government (Coalition), rebuild the independence, experience and authority of the Civil Service.

Rebuild the independence, experience and authority of the Civil Service and ensure it doesn’t get involved in the world of real politics, they are there to serve whatever shade of government.

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