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Voting Reform, Vote NO on the 5th May

I am really pleased that David Cameron and William Hague have got their act together

I am really pleased that David Cameron and William Hague have got their act together, the AV vote has to be defeated, if not it will seriously damage our democracy, the current ‘First Past the Post’ system is probably the fairest system in the world of real politics and once the constituencies have been equalised in numbers of electorate it will be unassailable.

Why say NO to AV or any proportional system?

  1. With AV in particular the candidate coming 3rd can win if they pick up second preference votes, hardly democratic
  2. It would guarantee the liberals, who will probably always be the 3rd party, are permanently in power, they will just switch between the Conservatives and Labour to form the coalition as they have no principles.
  3. It would guarantee a coalition and as we have seen strong essential policies are dropped or diluted because of Lib Dem left-wing bias.
  4. No party will ever have to keep any promises because policy can only be decided after the shape of the coalition has been decided, you will never know what you are voting for until it is too late.
  5. If you vote for AV or any proportional system you will let in all the minority parties such as the BNP the Communists and the chaos the Green Party could cause.
  6. Because within a coalition all policies are decided after the election in ‘smoke filled rooms’ coalition politics becomes a hotbed for corruption.

Vote No to AV, or any form of proportional representation, when Nick Clegg or any other Lib Dem tells you it means more democracy beware because it actually means less democracy, that I promise you!

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