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Votes For Prisoners

Votes for prisoners, the answer from Parliament should be never!

Next Thursday the Commons debates and votes on the ruling from the European Court of Human Rights to give voting rights to around 28,000 inmates, thankfully David Cameron has given MP’s a free vote so come on, Members from all parties, vote against the proposal in your droves.

We cannot allow a bunch of un-elected foreign judges to dictate what law operates within the UK, whether we agree with them or not ALL laws which effect this country must be made at Westminster and all European Law must play second fiddle to British Law, the bigger the majority against this obscene ruling the more they will understand we will not allow them to dictate to the UK or over rule UK Law.

It will also ensure our own judges understand that they are just implementing the Laws made in Parliament, yesterday a group of lawyers warned of the consequences of defying the European Court of Human Rights, one said it could culminate in Britain being suspended from the European Union, what a cracking idea.

Get us out of this corrupt mad house!

If the prisoners try to pursue the government for compensation just tell them to whistle, better still just pass a British law through Parliament which dies not allow the compensation claims.

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