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UKIP, didn’t they do well but now UKIP must Build on the result!

UKIP had un unbelievable breakthrough at the local elections with a share of the vote, at 25%, as high as the Lib Dem’s achieved even at their zenith but now the challenge is to build on that performance and put some foundations under the good work done so far

UKIP must remember, history teaches us that major gains at local elections very rarely translate into a general election performance of the same magnitude!

Is this UKIP performance just a flash-in-the-pan, payback for politicians who have lost the plot or can UKIP translate this into real gains at a general election, read the Telegraph article below to understand why this UKIP surge has come about:


Ukip vote is payback time for a political class that has lost the plot –, 04 May 2013 17:30:22 GMT vote is payback time for a political class that has lost the the front page of Thursday’s Daily Telegraph showed a beaming Nigel Farage holding up a Private Eye cover headed “Ukip Triumph” over a picture of …




Nigel Farage reads about the Clowns in Private Eye

So just how do UKIP capitalise on their deserved success, how do they ensure their dream is not shattered at the 2015 general election, the extent to which UKIP can capitalise will, of course depend on their financial backing but, for the moment, let us assume finance is not a problem!

UKIP must underpin this success with some solid challengeable foundations because the political class and the commentators will delight in making them look fools and UKIP must be well rehearsed and organised, that is not to say UKIP representatives must be puppets but they need to know their subject and their boundaries.

So, I reckon UKIP need to put together a plan of campaign similar to this:

 1 – UKIP must set up a full vetting procedure to encompass all their current and future candidates, this should encompass continual training and policy forums together with local marketing techniques, UKIP can only afford the very best candidates to survive.

2 – There is an urgent need to look at all areas where UKIP have been successful, where they intend to put up candidates at the 2015 general election, and build an organisation, the Lib Dem’s only won Eastleigh because of their organisation. The old Conservative constituency organisation was world class and would not be a bad blueprint to start with but basically UKIP must compile for every focus constituency a complete elector profile together with a strategy for postal votes.

3 – Through local and national marketing UKIP need to develop a presence, perceived or actual for every focus constituency and this is far easier now days through the web, mobile and social media marketing.

4 – UKIP need to develop a full, costed and fully trained in, manifesto which they will promise to bring in, why not promise to enshrine manifesto’s into law, say 90% of general election manifesto’s must be implemented by law unless permission is sort from parliament in times of national emergency.

It is all about building on already existing credibility so that UKIP are seen a political party with the capability of running the country and building a world class organisation to achieve that aim, it can be done so much faster these days with the internet and it is after all how Barack Obama was elected!

UKIP have an excellent opportunity to start putting the solid foundations in place and of course to showcase progress at the European Parliament elections next year, I see that Nigel Farage has offered to work with the Conservative Party if David Cameron stepped down, which is unlikely but of course there is another scenario after the next general election which is a major split in the Conservative Party which could completely change the electoral landscape, equally UKIP should not underestimate the Conservative Party and its organisations capacity for recovery!


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