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UKIP – the UKIP Dilemma, Long Term Survival or the EU?

UKIP, its fate may be in what it really wants, is it a protest party against the EU in which case it will probably have no future after the referendum but if they see themselves as long-term survivors within the political system they probably will not get their beloved referendum!

UKIP – the UKIP Dilemma, Long Term Survival or withdrawal from the European Union, because he won’t get both, unless!

ukipSo is Nigel Farage leading UKIP for himself or for principle and our country because if UKIP does well in Conservative marginal seats then it will almost guaranty a Labour or Labour/Lib Dem government and his chances of getting a valid referendum on EU membership will be zero, to guaranty something with which Nigel Farage and UKIP are synonymous UKIP has to deal with the Conservative Party!

After all UKIP’s policies are mainly what the average Conservative voter would expect from the Conservative Party and of course the Conservative’s are not doing themselves any good with their outbursts against UKIP, Ken Clark displayed complete contempt for the Conservative voters being tempted by UKIP and complete contempt for democracy, David Cameron has not been far away from that in the past either.

David Cameron will ask but I have promised a referendum on EU membership why should voters be tempted by UKIP and this just shows Cameron’s lack of understanding, Cameron has stated openly that he wants the UK to stay at the heart of Europe, so he will do everything he can to achieve that but it is becoming increasingly obvious that our future is out of Europe as trading partners only, we are only still in The EU because of the anti-democratic contempt for the voters of Clark, Heseltine, Howe, Patten, Blair & co.

To gain credibility on the EU front Cameron has to enshrine the promised referendum into law before the next general election and bring the referendum date a lot nearer, if Labour and the Lib Dem’s vote it down it will just put clear blue water between the Conservative’s and the rest in parliament!

All that apart though, the only way we can get a referendum at all is if the Conservative Party win the next general election and that requires UKIP and the Conservative Party to work together in some form, either way UKIP has a long way to go and a lot of credibility to gain before it can  turn votes into seats and the best he can achieve in the short to medium term is to be the heir to Clegg and the Lib Dem’s, which is possible but it is also quite possible that the electorate will come to appreciate that a vote for UKIP is a vote for Labour and the UKIP vote could implode, particularly if UKIP do not eliminate the infiltration into their party of the far right-wing.

So it really is over to you Nigel Farage and UKIP, it will be very interesting to see how you handle this situation and it starts with this weeks local elections where UKIP need to win 100+seats, UKIP need to get some experienced and creditable people on board to get the electoral credibility needed and they can, if they play their cards right, have a significant influence on the next general election, one can only hope it will be for the good! 

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