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UKIP, is it a real alternative or the way back for Labour!

Just how real is the UKIP surge in electoral popularity, they need to do well at the May local elections and be the largest UK party at the European Parliament Elections next year to cement their progress but…!

A major UKIP advance could provide a catalyst for a real realignment in British politics and could even destroy the Conservative Party as we know it, that is both the danger and the opportunity.


Nigel Farage
Leader of UKIP

What is my angle on this, well, I have actually been a life long Conservative, organised elections at both local and National level, stood for elections and would consider myself ambitious enough to want to get involved at that level again but if someone like me is looking at UKIP and what they stand for then the Conservative Party had better get their act together.

The one thing that will stop a lot of Conservative voters voting UKIP at a general election is the thought that they could let in Labour or a Labour/Lib Dem coalition which would be disaster for both our country, our democracy and our independence!

Make no mistake, a Labour Party with its hands on power again would lead to high taxation, high borrowing, high spending, unlimited immigration, ever more intrusive Human Rights, the minorities would rule, further and ever deeper integration into the European Union and if it involved the Lib Dem’s proportional representation.

So, how do UKIP handle this, the speech by Nigel Farage at their conference indicated they were going to fight every seat at the 2015 general election and go after Labour votes which is a good move, the UKIP manifesto should appeal to a large proportion of Labour voters even more than it appeals to Conservative voters because my experience has been that in the heartlands of Labour the way people vote has nothing to do with what they believe in which is often quite right of centre, UKIP could do well in Labour marginal but they have to get their organisation in place and that is the problem.

It is ok fielding a full complement of candidates but the groundwork needed and the organisation to support the candidate are quite another matter, the Lib Dem’s retained Eastleigh because of their organisation on the ground and postal votes which is why UKIP will probably have to identify their key seats to invest their money in which may only be 20% of the seats they fight, the number will obviously depend on finance!

Obviously if UKIP did well in Labour and Lib Dem seats we could be faced with a Conservative/UKIP coalition government and of course if David Cameron does not get a majority he won’t be an obstacle because he will be replaced, it is a way off punt but the Conservative and UKIP parties would work together far better than the current coalition.

UKIP really need a good local election result in May and to be the largest UK party in the European Parliament after the elections next year to boost it towards 2015 coupled with a fully documented and costed set of policies which will stand up to any scrutiny, I am watching with interest and the opportunity for a major shift in British politics is there!

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It is  very important that UKIP quickly expand their manifesto into a whole spectrum of sensible and costed policies which are able to stand up to scrutiny but their biggest problem them is the perception that a vote for UKIP will only let in Labour! 


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As with all policies UKIP have to ensure this and other ideas are properly costed and will stand up to the toughest scrutiny, the pressure is going to be on UKIP and they can’t be seen to be doing a ‘Lib Dem’ by promising the earth knowing they will never be in power to enact the promises because then they will be just a protest vote! 



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