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Tottenham Hotspur, the Adventure Begins, come on you Spurs!

So, that is it, there must be a lot of Tottenham Hotspur supporters waiting to be woken up from this beautiful dream only to find it never happened but it did and once the players have gelled and acclimatised to the Premiership we will have a formidable team.

This is without question the best opportunity with the best squad that Tottenham Hotspur have had in 20 years!


tottenham hotspur
Franco Baldini

Deadwood and players who just can’t take us to the next level moved on, although it is a pity Ade didn’t go, over £100m worth of players bought and the finances are still in order because when you take into account the Bale money the Tottenham Hotspur net spend was only £3.5m after selling 0ver £23m of surplus players ( via Forbes Analysis).

And even taking that into account we must not forget that Tottenham have yet to spend the Modric money, £33m, and we made £10m profit on the transfer window in January 2013 so Tottenham Hotspur are in a very sound position financially with a possible war chest of £47m if we need a striker in January.

I think the strongest Tottenham Hotspur 1st team now will be
Walker Vertonghen Dawson/Kaboul Rose
Paulinho Eriksen Sandro
Lamela Saldado Townsend  

Of course the real star transfer of this window for Tottenham Hotspur is  Franco Baldini who, with his knowledge and contacts, helped Daniel Levy put this adventure together and Tottenham Hotspur, along with AVB, probably have the best and strongest management team in football, so the future, for the moment, looks rosy for Spurs.


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The fans are in uproar about Real Madrid and quite rightly, they have behaved disgracefully and we should forget about any co-operation agreements with them because Real Madrid only want those arrangements to work one way but the fans shouldn’t think that Spurs could have kept Bale, Bales head had been turned by his greedy agent and £150,000 AFTER TAX, equivalent to nominally £300,000 pa but who can blame him, I think Tottenham Hotspur are far stronger for it and Levy did what he does well, extract every ounce of value out of Real Madrid, I am sure the club and all the fans wish Gareth Bale every success, we will be watching his progress with interest.

So come on you Spurs fans, what is your take on this transfer window, join the debate and have your say by COMMENTING below, tell us, WHAT DO YOU THINK?

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