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Tim Yeo of the Left Wing Liberal Elite attacks the Tory Grass Roots!

Tim Yeo, recently deselected MP for his Suffolk constituency blames his deselection on the right-wing views of Conservative activists and hits out at Eurosceptic backbenchers saying, ‘rather than trying to match UKIP the Tories should be seeking to expose its policies shown as ‘incoherent, inconsistent, inadequate and in many places plain wrong’.

And yes, Tim Yeo is correct we should be pointing out, very strongly, where the UKIP policies are inconsistent BUT….!

Tim Yeo I am afraid you have forgotten the meaning of democracy, the Conservative activists are not rabid right-wingers, they are true Conservatives and represent the vast majority of the country, as do the Conservative eurosceptic MP’s in Parliament.

tim yeo
Tim Yeo

UKIP’s popularity is increasing because their views on the European Union represent the vast majority of the electorate and yes some of their policies may be inconsistent but they are to some extent the true Conservative Party in exile.

Tim Yeo of course is from the section of the Conservative Party which belongs to the Liberal Elite who believe they have a right to rule, know best, are ashamed of our great history and want to push Great Britain into European Union Subservience who along with such as Ken Clark, Michael Heseltine, Ted Heath, Chris Patten etc. very nearly destroyed the Conservative Party and their destructive influence condemned it to 13 years on the backbenches and of course the current coalition!

Tim Yeo, though fairly successful, a lightweight Conservative really does belong in the Lib Dem’s and it wouldn’t surprise me if that is where he ended up, watch out Nick Clegg he could be the next Lib Dem leader, though there won’t be much of a party to lead.

It is the views of people like Tim Yeo that are stopping the Conservative Party from moving well ahead in the polls because the public do not trust David Cameron on issues such as Human Rights and the European Union, they think he sympathizes with the views of Tim Yeo’s Liberal Elite and is influenced by them but the Views of Tim Yeo and the Liberal Elite wing, which exists in all parties, are not the views of the British people, the majority views of the British people are what true democracy is about, particularly when connected to that profoundly undemocratic institution the European Union.

Tim Yeo was deselected by his local constituency party because he failed to represent the views of his constituency grass roots, the wider Conservative Party supporters and the Conservative Party as a whole, sounds like democracy to me and that is without mentioning his refusal to represent the views of the vast majority of the country! 

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