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This is a Cynical Trick!

I was watching the House of Lords filibuster debate on the proposed voting reform bill, real politics in action, the Labour opposition want to split the bill so that the vote on May 5th will just be a vote ‘for or against’ the Alternative Vote, Proportional Representation’ system (AV/PR).The reason they want to separate the 2 parts is because it would allow them to fight another day on the equalisation of the constituencies and try to save their years of work building in a Labour bias to our voting system, they really couldn’t care whether or not AV/PR goes through. The ruling coalition have combined the two sides, AV/PR and the equalisation of the constituencies, because they know that AV/PR only stands a chance of going through if it is hidden under a sensible piece of legislation!

This is a really cynical trick, for instance, I would never vote for AV/PR as it would severely damage our democracy but I accept equalisation of the constituencies as essential, which way do I vote, the government because if I vote to equalise the constituencies I automatically get the anti-democracy AV/PR, a lot of voters will see the sense in equalising the constituencies but not see the dangers or understand AV/PR.

It is not often I find myself agreeing with Labour, although for very different reasons but this bill must be split for the sake of democracy!

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