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Theresa May calls snap election for 8th June 2017!

Christian and the Judeo-Christian Community
RAPE is abhorrent but YES ladies there are different types of rape!

theresa mayTheresa May, well, you had the suspense, no one apparently knew what Theresa May’s announcement was going to be and the apprehension was expertly being built by the media but really, it could only have been a General Election.

This is something that should not have been a surprise to anyone, Theresa May did not want an election but it was becoming increasingly obvious that her small majority was going to make it very difficult for the Conservative Party to get their radical program for the future of our country through Parliament and of course her ability to negotiate from a position of strength during the Brexit negotiations.

And the ability to negotiate from strength in the Brexit negotiations is key to the future of our country and that ability has been undermined because the Remain side is still playing project fear with a clear intent to derail Brexit as far as they can but I will cover that in a future article.

What Theresa May and the Conservatives have to do now is put together a really radical manifesto covering every aspect of British life, the NHS, Defence, Foreign Aid, Poverty, Housing, employment etc. along with Brexit which is the most important negotiation this country has entered on over 50 years.

The Remain side have continued to push Project Fear in the face of public opinion, they lost every debate during the referendum and have since not come up with one positive reason for staying in the EU either during the referendum or since so this is a wonderful opportunity to have a proper election covering an exciting manifesto and Brexit to finally confirm the true will of the people.

It is also a marvelous opportunity for the people of this great country to confirm the EU referendum decision and send Team Theresa May to negotiate from a position of strength in the Brexit negotiations.

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Christian and the Judeo-Christian Community
RAPE is abhorrent but YES ladies there are different types of rape!
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