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The EU, Get Us Out NOW!

373,000 say NO TO THE EU in the Daily Express petition

Well the ever encroaching power of the EU continues and the latest statement says it all ” Governments should not be able to block EU decisions”, the EU is excelling itself as a non-democratic, corrupt, bureaucratic mess, just look at the latest crowning glories.

  1. The imposition of a 4m overall height for heavy goods vehicles, this could cost the UK many millions and actually bankrupt transport operators.
  2. Police are being inundated by a flood of EU arrest warrants, Poland for instance pursues everything, one Polish suspect was wanted for stealing a bar of chocolate and one for exceeding his overdraft limit without permission!
  3. They plan to impose heavier, up to 60 tonnes may be more, and longer lorries where the length would increase to nearly 82ft 10 inches from 54ft 1 inch, this again could cost this country and its haulage industry

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