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The Defence of the Realm!

I seem to spend my life warning Cameron about this and that, it is though because I really do want him to be a success but he does require tugging back into line on a regular basis, that is of course assuming he takes any
notice of ‘Its just life!’

We are worried still about his defence cuts, with no aircraft carriers and no Harriers exactly what does he think Argentina will do as soon as they see us vulnerable, yes you have it, they will invade the Falklands again and we will not be able to respond.

We will get no help from the Americans, they will try to get us to negotiate a settlement which effectively gives the Falklands to Argentina, we can forget about the French as they will probably side with Argentina so unless David Cameron has thought this through its odds on we will be in trouble!

Only this February Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s radical left-wing president, used his regular television show to address the Queen, telling her that “the time for empires is over” and that Britain should give up the Falklands.

In the same month Lula Inacio Lula da Silva, then president of Brazil, expressed “solidarity” with Argentina and questioned why the United Nations did not tackle the issue of the Falklands.

Shortly afterwards the Argentines claimed a diplomatic coup when Hillary Clinton said during a visit to Buenos Aires that the US would be willing to mediate between Britain and Argentina.

This is all well and good but the Falklands has nothing to do with prolonging empire, we have always said that if the inhabitants of the Falklands, the people who live there, wish to become part of Argentina then that is their wish and the UK will honour that but they have no such wish and so they remain part of the UK then this is democracy and Argentina would not understand that!

Defence of the Realm and its territories is the first responsibility of any government, I just hope the defence of the Falklands has been well thought through and we keep the Tornado F3s close by just in case.

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