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Tim Sherwood, the Final Fling, Passionate about Spurs But!

So Tim Sherwood was given his chance, mid-season he was the only choice but he deserved an opportunity and has shown what we all thought, he is just not ready and maybe he will never be ready! Tim Sherwood is…

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Juande Ramos spins the story to justify his failure but…!

Juande Ramos spins the story to justify his failure at Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) but of course it is all fiction, Juande Ramos is saying that the Spurs Chairman Daniel Levy is not interested in winning, just making money. A go…

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Lamela needs to play, Tim Sherwood are you listening?

Lamela, Lamela, paying £30m for a 21 year old work in progress always did require vision, he can’t yet speak English, has to get used to the physicality and speed of the premiership and he is away from home in…

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Spurs, Real Madrid and the saga of Gareth Bale

Yes, I know but I have been a Spurs fan since the 60s and yet another post about Spurs but this is just a fascinating transfer window, will Gareth Bale stay or go and is someone going to take Real…

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Spurs, the Challenges for next Season!

Well here we are again, Spurs are on the brink of what could be their most exciting season for years and if the pressure was on ABV last season it was nothing like the pressure and expectation he will have…

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Spurs – here we go again, this time it was a BIG mistake!

Well Spurs never fail to frustrate, that is it, the end of another January transfer window, we got rid of some dead wood but still stuck with Bentley and made the transfer signing of the window Lewis Holtby but why…

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Spurs, AVB and the illusion we actually have strikers

Spurs out of the FA Cup, pity, a run in the FA Cup  would have been nice but perhaps fighting on 2 fronts, Premiership and Europe, is enough for this year, worrying though that AVB thinks we can manage without…

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Spurs, what did we learn from the 5 – 2 defeat to Arsenal

So the dust has settled, it has been nearly a week since the Spurs loss to Arsenal and we have had a deserved draw with Lazio in between but what exactly did we learn from the Arsenal defeat, just how does…

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Spurs, Tottenham Hotspur whatever, that was exciting!

Spurs under Daniel Levy remain one of the most financially viable and best run football clubs in Europe, if not the world and still manage to excite beyond belief on Transfer Deadline Day! Wow, even for Spurs that was an…

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Spurs, the King is Dead, Long Live the King!

Well if you believe the press Harry Redknapp has left Spurs, so sad but his own fault, if Daniel Levy gives you loyalty he expects it back, Harry though coveted the England job for which the press and fans made…

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