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Brexit Ironies Mount: Belgian Premier Warns EU…..

Brexit Ironies Mount: Belgian Premier Warns EU Won’t Help UK Out Of “Black Hole”  Brexit again, just read this Excelent article from ‘The One Hundredth Monkey‘ it really puts a few things in perspective, certainly the UK is far better…

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Referendum, Independence Day Aftermath, Opportunities Abound!

Referendum, so there we have, amazingly, against all the odds Brexit won out, a blow for democracy against the ruling elite bit already we have the Lib Dem’s saying that they will campaign at the next election to take us…

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EU and just why does the Establishment want us to stay in?

European Union ( EU ), read the article below, David Cameron has set out his stall on the European Union and it has nothing to do with the UK leaving the EU and everything to do with ensuring we can…

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European Union, YES it is that speech and not before time!

It is Friday tomorrow and at last it looks like we are going to get the long-awaited Cameron Speech on the UK’s future position, in or out of the European Union and the rumour is that he will introduce draft…

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European Union, we will get our vote – maybe!

 Well, there we have it, Cameron’s speech will be next week and the rumour has it that we will be promised a referendum with an option to leave the European Union, he needs to set it in stone, pity he…

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European Union – the Europhiles Fight back, why believe them now!

European Union debate, it had to happen, the minority Europhiles were never going to stay quiet whilst the Eurosceptics made all the running, after all Heath, Heseltine, Clark, Patten and co almost destroyed the Conservative Party in trying to force the European Union…

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