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Falklands Politics is all about Self Determination!

Falklands politics is very much about the self-determination of the island people and nothing to do with, what is in fact, Argentinian Colonialism and it is about time the world accepted the correct situation. Falklands sword rattling by Argentine President Cristina Fernandez…

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Argentina’s UN threat: the Falklands and Argentina’s Colonialism!

So now Argentina is going to take the UK to the UN for militarising the Falklands but it is a conflict of Argentina’s own making and it is the history of Argentina’s own aggression which forces the UK to defend…

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The Defence of the Realm!

I seem to spend my life warning Cameron about this and that, it is though because I really do want him to be a success but he does require tugging back into line on a regular basis, that is of…

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