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Free Speech in the UK and the War on Free Speech at the NUS!

Free speech in the UK is directly under threat by a deliberate campaign led by the National Union of Students (NUS) and the left-wing politically correct zealots, this is something that everyone needs to be fully aware of and to…

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Brexit, but what should the real story be about?

Brexit, so here we are, tomorrow Thursday 23rd of June 2016 is really the BRITISH INDEPENDENCE DAY but are we being guided to decide on the wrong criteria, is it really about trade, immigration and jobs or is it about…

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Democracy, Freedom, Choice and the Future of Representative Democracy!

Democracy, Freedom, Choice, Opportunity,  the continued Opportunity to Govern ourselves and the future prosperity of our country this is what the European Parliament elections in May and the General Election in 2015 are actually about.  Without question the two most…

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Press Regulation – Press Freedom really is the Bedrock of Democracy!

Press Regulation, there we have it, the courts have sided with the government on the subject of Press Regulation which is not surprising considering the actions and decisions of some of the current crop of judges. Putting Press Regulation in the…

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European Union and the Seizure of Assets to pay for bailouts!

European Union, Euro-Zone, not satisfied with creating a monetary system which is still close to bankrupting the world economy, discarding their own safeguards to allow countries like Greece, Portugal and Ireland into the Euro-Zone, the whole project being a massive…

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Margaret Thatcher’s death, nasty politics and a threat to Democracy!

Margaret Thatcher’s death, in the eye’s of any right-minded person, is a massive loss to this country, Thatcher’s achievements in just one decade are immense, taking this country from being a joke as the Sick-Man-of-Europe to being one of the…

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Press Regulation, we urge the Press to Collectively Reject it!

I was pleased when David Cameron stood up for press freedom by walking out of all party talks on press regulation, Labour and the Lib Dem’s were obviously trying to bump him into legislation which would shackle our free press…

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European Union closes Cyprus bank and seizes large deposits!

Yes, I will repeat that, European Union closes Cyprus bank and seizes large deposits!, democracy within the European Union is officially dead and the effects on Cyprus and its people will be felt for decades. I think the British people…

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David Cameron – his gamble on Press Freedom, does he have the Balls!

David Cameron has made a principled and correct stand over press freedom, it is a stand that had to be made but has he got the balls to call the bluff of Clegg and Miliband who believe me are not…

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European Union, YES it is that speech and not before time!

It is Friday tomorrow and at last it looks like we are going to get the long-awaited Cameron Speech on the UK’s future position, in or out of the European Union and the rumour is that he will introduce draft…

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