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European Union, the British Public v Liberal Elite, who will win?

 The European Union debate is certainly hotting up and for the very first time we are talking openly about the UK leaving the European Union, the liberal elite are panicking and Angela Merkel has warned we will be very lonely…

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The European Union is not the future of the UK!

I now read in the Daily Express that, even the European Union wants us to leave, as if this should be a surprise but it is obvious, we as a nation are steeped in democracy and the will of the people…

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European Union Spanish Bank Rescue Blown by the German’s!

 European Union Euro-Zone saga rolls on, once again the Spanish bank rescue was hailed as a great day for the Euro and the European Union but how long does a €100 billion buy you, just 5 days, just 5 days!…

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European Union – Spanish Banks Rescued with £81m Bailout!

European Union Euro-Zone bail out, now it is the turn of the Spanish, next in line possibly Italy and it does look like they may grasp the nettle of full fiscal and political union, at least for the Euro-Zone countries…

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European Union survival strategy by Germany, the end game!

European Union, built on a dream, fueled by ego based on foundations of quicksand, ever since the start of the European Union the participating parties have tried to hide the fact that the end result had to be full political and…

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European Union – can the Merkozy Partnership save the Euro-Zone

European Union, can the Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy partnership save the Euro and where do we stand now that David Cameron has vetoed the suggested treaty changes? Can the Merkozy partnership save the Euro and the European Union long-termYes…

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European Union and the UK’s loss of influence, but of course we will!

Well, couldn’t put it down for long could we, so soon talking about the European Union again but I am amazed at some of the commentators and the way they are depicting the inevitable loss of influence! An architect of…

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European Union – UK’s Stated View is the opposite to Germany

The UK’s stated view on the European Union is totally opposite to the German view and David Cameron has to appreciate this, the Conservative Party view that we want to be in the European Union but not ruled by it…

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European Union and the Euro-Zone, have we avoided disaster?

After many false starts the European Union leaders, in particular the Euro-Zone 17, have come up with a solution to their crisis which has/had the capacity to engulf the worlds economies, but is it enough? The European Union leaders have…

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