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Spurs, the Trilogy Continues, Tim Sherwood it is your chance!

Well here goes, Southampton v Spurs, wasn’t impressed with the team selection or the play against West Ham but this is a real league match and Tim now has his chance to really shine in what will be a very difficult match.

Some naïve Spurs comments from Tim Sherwood and the usual rubbish from Harry Redknapp who just doesn’t understand, you know AVB may have failed but he was still Spurs best performing manager, not Harry, AVB!


ABV former Spurs Manager

Harry Redknapp, oh Harry, has criticised AVB the summer signings saying that they haven’t improved the team and that opinion is one reason why Harry is not manager, he doesn’t understand and the Spurs job was over promotion. For virtually every major import to the Premiership their major season has generally been their second season, it nearly always takes 6mths to a year to properly acclimatise but already we can see that the players brought in will be immeasurably better than the players they replaced who were often referred to by the supporters as donkey’s.   

If we look at Eric Lamela, he has the tools to be far better than Bale and has already shown his potential in his limited appearances, he is 21, doesn’t yet speak the language, in a country he hasn’t been to before and entering a league which is faster and more physical than he has experienced so far, is it any wonder that he needs time to adjust but to adjust Lamela must play every match he is fit for, yes Spurs paid £30m and he will be worth £80m+ in a few years, remember Bale was out on loan at 21!  

Tim Sherwood naively criticised the new signings and obviously doesn’t have the knowledge, experience or tact to appreciate the obvious together with the fact that he would be an enormous gamble if he were appointed manager, totally untried, unproven and obviously naïve but he has a chance and the Southampton match may tell us if he has the ability to grasp it.

The side Tim Sherwood is looking after is potentially and on its day immeasurably better than last year but he has to play 2 up front, as do Man City, Man United, Chelsea etc. and he has to continually play the new signings to get them up to speed, particularly Lamela who has the ability to rip up the premiership!

The newspapers have said AVB did not get the players he wanted but Ferdinand has stated the AVB objected to non of the players and the 3 he really wanted were unobtainable 1) Hulk = £60m or £10m on loan for a year plus enormous wages and no guaranty he wouldn’t take a season to acclimatise, 2) Moutinho, we were just minutes away from getting this player but it wasn’t to be, shit happens and again he would have taken at least half a season to produce his best, pity but move on and 3) David Villa, Villa has been a world class striker but he is getting long in the tooth, there was no guaranty he could cope with the speed and physicality of the premiership, he had just come back from a major injury and for the risk he was very expensive!

Then we had the remarkable revelation that Baldini had bought all the players, quite a news story and totally true, that is what he was employed to do at the recommendation of non other than AVB so AVB was not only a member of the team that chose the players, Levy – AVB – Sherwood – Baldini but also had a very big say in the person employed to buy them, he can have no complaints and I think the biggest problem was AVBs inability to come to terms with the premiership.

As to who should be the next manager, I would like to see Michael Laudrup, I would not go for Sherwood but then Tim Sherwood currently has the chance to prove me wrong, let us see how he performs against Southampton!

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