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Spurs – Oh Harry you promised so much and have thrown it away!

When Harry arrived the Spurs faithful were at rock bottom but he promised and nearly delivered so much but his ego, personal ambition, mouth and dreams got in the way, now is the time for him to decide!

You Harry Redknapp, must decide now, is it England or Tottenham Hotspur, the trouble is that Harry has shown himself to be singularly unsuitable for England and possibly unsuitable to manage in the upper echelons of the Premier League!


Harry Redknapp

Spurs started this season badly with big losses against Manchester United and Manchester City but, to his credit, Harry turned it around and by Christmas Spurs were challenging for the Premiership Title, little did we appreciate that Harry’s mouth had already started to lay the foundations for our current disaster. Further Reading

It all started when Harry was made favourite for the England job, instead of dismissing the press speculation, just saying I am Spurs Manager under contract and I can’t see that changing he massaged his ego and fuelled the speculation by saying he would be unable to turn the job down. Harry being a players manager who players like to play for and often follow from club to club he must have known it would unsettle the club and that is where the first seeds of our current predicament were sown, if Harry is to manage England the first the club and fans should have known is when the FA approached Harry Redknapp and not before, Harry was wrong to fuel speculation.

Redknapp also has the tendency to speculate about his own players often saying Modric or Bale might be tempted by certain clubs, you don’t hear to flight manager speculating in the press about their own players, they are contracted to Spurs and until that changes Harry should say nothing because all it fuels is the press and the agents who see a fat pay day!


Football is partly a mental game and all Harry has done by fuelling the England speculation is start the players thinking about who they may be playing under next season and it is that is partly responsible for Spurs loss of form, add to this poor purchasing in the January window and some poor tactical choices and we are in 5th place, down from a comfortable 10 point cushion on 3rd!

If Spurs lose out on Champions League football it will

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