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Spurs did well up to half time, Man. United 3 Spurs 0

Well done, Manchester United 3 Spurs 0, got that one wrong but Spurs played really well up until half time!

Spurs did really well and were comfortable for about 2 thirds of the game and then they tired very fast, Man. United scored and we were easy meat, so what has Harry got to do?

  1. Harry seems to rate them but I have no faith in either Defoe, Crouch or Pav, neither would get into a top 4 side and so they shouldn’t be in ours, which will be the case if Harry brings in a top-notch striker or two.
  2. We must sort out the Modric situation, if he insists on going then we must replace him with quality and there is no one currently available in the UK even approaching what we need, Diarra, Barton or Parker are NOT the answer.
  3. Lennon has to start showing an end result, he was not good in this game, if he had shown a good end result we could have won, Bale also will see from this game that he has a lot to learn!
  4. Not sure about defence, we have a lot of talent there, I think Gomes may have played his last game!

Come on you Spurs fans, tell me what you think, join the debate, whatever it could be an exciting two weeks, or not.

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Manchester United 3 Tottenham Hotspur 0

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