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Spurs, the time to come up to the mark is NOW!

It has been a torrid few weeks for Spurs, in fact it has been poor since the New Year, 3 losses in a row, the loss against Manchester City and of course the speculation about Harry will not have helped.

Not only has the pressure been building on Harry weekly, we have had some very bad luck and now Harry has been told to mind his language in case it is construed as being racist!

To deal with the racist thing first, what Harry actually said was:

Responding to a question about foreign investment in the Premier League, Redknapp replied: “Where they find some owners now, I don’t know. I remember the first guy they brought in at Portsmouth from Saudi Arabia somewhere. He looked like they pulled him off the stall outside. He looked like the only Arab who didn’t have oil in his garden.”

And really anyone who can construed that as being racist has got to have those tendencies him/her self and probably a chip the size of a Canadian Redwood on their shoulders, total nonsense which has gone too far and is now a whole industry which need to create a racist element to survive sometimes simply by twisting innocent comments, we are all getting far too sensitive and precious for our own good.

Back to Spurs, they were very unlucky to only draw with Swansea before Christmas, extremely unlucky to lose to Manchester City, totally outplayed Manchester United to lose 3 – 1 and should have won at Everton but that is football and now the players must come up to the plate.

For Harry, please don’t play Parker and Sandro, just one of them, play Modric in central midfield not on the wing, keep Bale on the left and forget about England!

Harry, please forget about England, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity but so is Spurs with the opportunity to build one of the top sides in Europe to match up with the best, if you take the England job you will regret what you have left at Spurs for the rest of your life!

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