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Real Politics and Life!

Just a few thoughts and snippets from the real politics and life of today.

At last, Ed balls has admitted that the last Labour government left the largest structural deficit in the industrialised world and bear in mind, Ed Balls and Ed Milliband were two of the ‘brains’ behind the disaster which was the last Labour Government so we take no lectures on economics from those two gentlemen.

Ken Clark has a lot going against him such as Europe, soft on prisoners etc. but he is also bringing forward 2 excellent changes in legislation to deal with the obscene compensation culture and the ever escalating libel cases particularly were well-heeled individuals are able to hide from existing laws, we await the final outcome but well done Ken, so far!

It is sad to see the loss of Edward Stobart at the young age of 56 after a heart attack, Edward Stobart took over the family business from his father Eddie Stobart and built it into the most recognisable presences on the UK roads, with a fleet of 2,250 trucks it is said that a Stobart vehicle is passed every 4.5mins on the major UK road network with a delivery being made every 5.5 mins.

There is a driver in court who killed a driver who was changing a wheel whilst allegedly sending a text, the case goes on but how on earth can anyone send a text whilst driving, I have to be perfectly still, takes a while. As we are on the subject of sending text messages please can we stop using the word texted, its horrible, on the wireless they are always saying so and so has texted in which is just ugly and pure idleness, it should be so and so has just sent a text!

Got to have standards!
We are becoming very lazy and its appalling when you look around a restaurant and see the number of people who cannot even use a knife and fork, it’s now part of my criteria when interviewing for management positions to take the candidates for a meal and test out their social graces, it is time we re-developed a little class, our standards as a nation used to help us stand out from the rest of the world.

What is all this with the seeming inability of, mainly the younger generation, to be parted from their mobile phone?
It was always the rule that if you went into a restaurant the phone was turned off, if a call had to be answered you went outside, now people spend the entire meal sending text messages and even walking down the street with their partners the sending of text messages still goes on, it is so rude and again no class!

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