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Dangerous Times, Real Politics, a Time to Choose!

A little less than 5 years from now this country will really have to choose!

A little less than 5 years from now this country will really have to choose, this will be the world of real politics and we will have to make fundamental choices which affect our freedoms, political system, way of life in fact our very identity.

In May this year we will have to vote for or against the AV form of proportional representation (PR), to put this in perspective, if AV (PR) had been our voting system since the last world war then the Liberals would have been part of EVERY government, even though during this period the Liberals have been as low as 6 seats. This is obviously why the Lib Dem’s are fighting for PR, it guarantees them permanent power, they have no principles and they will team up with any party!

This is why we must, conclusively REJECT AV (PR)

If AV(PR) wins the vote
Proportional Representation (PR) in any form is a wholly undemocratic voting system which produces weak coalition government, it’s a system where even if promises are made they do not have to be kept because they are easily sacrificed on the altar of a coalition agreement because policy is only decided after the election in the proverbial smoke-filled rooms and its a system which will turn more and more people off politics because the public will soon see that it just guarantees office for life, the chance of really throwing the Lib Dem’s out of power will be lost!

But there is an interesting possibility, if we are daft enough to be duped into voting AV through I think there will be a seismic shift in British Politics because a big influence on the outcome of any election will be the second preference votes and lets just look at where they will go or are likely to go:

Will go to UKIP because of Europe

Will go to UKIP because of Europe

Lib Dem’s
Will go to Labour because they will have no where else to put them!

This will really mess up the marginal’s and could wipe out the Lib Dem’s making UKIP the 3rd party, now that is interesting, this obviously depends on UKIP getting its act together with a full manifesto and if I were UKIP I would relaunch the party, manifesto and all as The New Conservative Party, or something close, UKIP isn’t quite right. UKIP is seen as a one issue party which is why they need a name with much broader appeal, one that will sit well within the establishment.

If AV(PR) is voted down
If AV(PR) is voted down it remains to be seen whether Nick Clegg can keep his Lib Dem’s in line, or even hold onto the leadership for the full term of this parliament but whatever we will have a truly democratic voting system, especially after the boundaries have been equalised, and some choices to make, we really have to choose where we go with our relationship with Europe.

The way the EU is interfering in the internal government of the UK I can see a massive groundswell of public opinion for an IN or OUT referendum which will go massively for withdrawal, this decision is probably one of the most important decisions since the World War II and has to be made but the British people will have to drag the political establishment screaming and shouting to the altar of common sense.

Just to emphasise the problem that David Cameron has, I have been an active Conservative supporter all my life, standing for election and for a short period looking at a parliamentary career but along with the majority of voters I see the question of Europe as fundamental to the future of our country, I cannot see another solution other than withdrawal, it is so important that I could be tempted by any party promising to pursue that aim, I would find it very difficult to vote for a pro EU party!

Will we be WINNERS or LOSERS if we withdraw from the UK
We would be winners to a massive degree:

  1. We would be able to negotiate a really juicy trade agreement, Europe can’t afford to lose us, we are the biggest customer of countries such as Germany and France
  2. We would regain control of our fisheries and our 200 mile limit around the UK, how on earth can our waters be one of the main fishing grounds for Spain?
  3. We would save in excess of
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