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Press Regulation, Budget, Politics – are we HAPPY!

Well, where do we start Budget, Press Regulation, Politics but that covers everything!

I have to admit that my feelings over the Press Regulation are continuously changing, first I thought we had it under control but with a worry about the control the Lib Dem’s and Labour wanted, then we had Cameron knocking heads together leading to a meeting in Ed Miliband’s office which appeared to come to a, note I say appeared, satisfactory conclusion but

    1. Why was the meeting held in Miliband’s?

  1. I was going to say why didn’t David Cameron go to the meeting but of course he was correct not to go to Miliband’s office, it should have been in Downing Street
  2. Why was there no representative of the press at the meeting
  3. Why was Cameron not informed that ‘Hacked Off’ was at the meeting and why was hacked off at the meeting, ‘Hacked Off’ appears to have been hi-jacked by high-powered celebrities taking an opportunity to neuter the press in the name of the real victims with no thought for democracy!

Only time will tell whether we end up with proper form of Press Regulation which protects the vulnerable but also guarantees Press Freedom which is essential to our democracy, if it doesn’t then it is the duty of the press not to sign up, at the same time being very constructive, hopefully it will not come to this, the devil is in the detail and the final draft. 

The Budget
Not a lot to say for now, just listening to George Osborne and he has made a very confident start and the omens are good so we will see but you will have to wait till tomorrow for comments.

STOP PRESS – Slight but significant changes/freedoms for the Bank of England remit, major cut in employers National Insurance contribution from next year

Once again the devil is in the detail but further cuts, Schools and NHS protected, fully financed tax cuts and you never know this budget could be the making od George Osborne or of course the breaking!

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